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Products Of Operative Systems E-Lib Control
  Operative Systems offers stable, mature client/server library managment system just like (ERP) for all types and sizes of libraries. E-LibControl is a complete Library Management Software capable to manage all the functionalities of library. Suitable for for small to big libraries including colleges, schools, universities and other academic resource centers. e-LibControl can also be used by the Music / Movie Libraries and associations to manage stock and circulation of their collections.
Salient Features :
   Digital References for Books & Other Items including (URLs, PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, XLS etc.. )
    Supports Multi-Users Environment and Multi-Location Web Interface
    Web Interface : Access to free e-journals and e-books through the software
   Internet Resource Management
   Exhaustive search Engine
   Customizable grouping of members under various Categories and Classes
   Customizable Fine Settings for various Categories of Members (Fine per day/Book return Period) etc.
   Membership Subscription Period management (Optional)
   Member's Fine Balance management facility.
   Powerful Search Facility for Book and Member Search based on various Search Criteria
   Barring of Book Issues to Book and/or Fine Defaulters (Optional)
   Multiple(User based) types of reports available, which covers all the reporting part of a library
   Magazine/Newspaper Subscription management facility
   Multiple Library Location setup feature
   Complete management of records of Book-Donor, Vendor, Publisher, Author, Locations, Subjects,
   Categories, Designations/Classes, Rack-Shelf etc.
   Book-Reservation facility (Optional)
   Book Issues/Returned/Due etc
   Books Purchased
   Books Recd. in Donation
   Books in Default
   Payments Recd by Members
   Complete Book Catalog
   Books Purchased
   List of Holidays
   Database Backup and Restore facility
   Intuitive Design for ease in operation
   Bar-Code Printing Facility for Books and Members
   Customizable Security and Access Levels
   WebCam Include (for Member Image)
   Administration and management
Comprehensive Reports:
   Book Issued/Returned/Due etc.
   Books Purchased
   Books Received in Donation
   Books in Default
   Members Fine Report
   Fine balances of Members
   Payments Recd by Members
   Members Categories & Rules
   Complete Book Catalog
   Books Purchased
   List of Holidays
By Service Area
By Business Domain
   B2B/B2C Internet Portal
   eLearning/Online Training
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