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Software Development Company India OperativeCMS
Operative Systems offers stable, mature client/server Contact Managment System just like (ERP) for all types of organization.OperativeCMS will organize your daily business activities and save you time doing it. And by being organized you can establish better relationships with your customers and prospects.
Additional Features:
   Scalable to organizations of any size
   Save time filing your contacts
   Keep detailed records of all contact
   Access your contacts from anywhere with an Internet connection or VPN Connection **
   Effectively maintain client relationships
   Supports N number of contacts
   Track mailing addresses, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, Web sites
   Track custom information such as: account details, employee records, or whatever is important to your 
   Easily generate e-mail lists of all your contacts
   Quickly generate printable address labels
   Supports Multi-Users Environment and Multi-Location Web Interface
   Digital References for related information including(PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, XLS etc..)
   Exhaustive search Engine
   Customizable grouping of clients(Company)
   Print reports to assist in marketing or collection activities or other information important to your
   organization. and Much More.
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